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Wearing A Cock Strap

Wearing a Cock Strap (Leather Cockrings, Silicone Cockrings, etc)

Typically made of leather, cock straps are an excellent alternative for people who are uncomfortable using solid form cock rings. They are completely adjustable and most have no buckles or studs, meaning there is nothing protruding that will poke or scratch you and there is little risk of over constricting your penis. Cock straps can be easily removed at any point during intercourse or masturbation and may be used in conjunction with a penis pump as it may be tightened around the base after pumping.

Most cock straps will be about 15mm wide and have two d rings. After you have wrapped the strap around the base of your penis or around your cock and balls, pull the strap through the two d rings. Weave the strap back through the second ring—the ring nearest to the end—and pull it tightly. If you need to make the strap tighter, take the strap out of the second ring, tweak it to your desired fit and pull it back through the second loop.

Cock straps do enhance erections and will create more intense orgasms, but they are not as effective at stopping venous leaks and solving circulatory problems as proper fitting solid form cock rings. Another negative to cock straps is that the part of the strap that is pulled through is difficult to position out of the way comfortably so it may get in the way during sex. Straps with snaps as opposed to a cinching mechanism do solve the problem of hanging straps, but they may not fit you as snugly. Be sure to order the proper size and aim for straps that have more than three snaps.

Wearing A Cock Cage

Cock cages are devices used to enclose either the penis alone or both the penis and the scrotum in order to enforce male chastity; they are also called male chastity devices. Commonly made of plastic or medical grade surgical steel, most cock cages can be locked with a padlock so that they may not be removed by the wearer, and they usually have an opening to allow urination during use.

The appeal of cock cages is that they limit the movement and usability of male genitalia. Men wearing cock cages cannot have intercourse or masturbate, and if they are able to get an erection, it is painful. Some cock cages fully enclose the penis and balls, making them completely untouchable. Due to their design, cock cages are most commonly used for tease and denial; they are a way for dominant partners to control their submissives.
Although all cock cages are different, most will come in two pieces, a ring and a cage. First, lube up the wearer’s penis and slide the ring into place against the pubic bone. Once the ring is secured, slip the cage over the penis and lock the ring and cage together using a padlock. There are some designs with hinges and/or snaps that can be positioned on the penis and scrotum then fastened on firmly. Removal is just as easy as putting the device on. Use the key to unlock the padlock and take off the cage. You may want to leave the ring on to stimulate a super hard erection. If so, after sex remove the ring and clean it and the cage off with a mild soap or toy cleaner.

Wearing A Glans Ring

Glans rings are a unique variety of male genital jewelry which are worn around the head of the penis to make your penis head feel firm and harder than usual. Glans rings make the penis head more sensitive to touch, leading to more intense orgasms for the user. Most glans rings are simple bands or rings that are positioned right underneath the head, but some styles of glans rings, commonly referred to as sperm stoppers, also have rods attached to them for insertion into the urethra to prevent sperm from coming out and create a distinctive erotic sensation.

While many traditional cock rings can be used as glans rings, it is important to make sure your glans ring fits snugly around your penis head so that is does not become dislodged during intercourse. Glans rings are meant to be worn tightly around the head of your dick, but in order to prevent permanent damage to your penis, do not wear a glans ring that constricts you to the point of no circulation. Contrary to popular belief, both circumcised and uncircumcised men can successfully enjoy glans rings and the sensual feelings they produce. Whether used alone or with a partner, rings with hinges that open and close are easiest to put on, but jelly and solid form rings are also simple to slide over the head, especially if lube is used. Glans rings come in a wide variety of materials including jelly, medical grade stainless steel and bronze.

Wearing A Dick Ring

A dick ring, also known as a shaft ring, is a form of male genital jewelry that is worn at the base on the penis, in front of the balls. Dick rings are an easy way to add variety to your bedroom routine, and they may help with erectile dysfunction. Although cock and ball rings are more popular, shaft rings are just as effective at restricting blood flow out of the penis to create larger and more firm erections. In addition to working as a male enhancement, dick rings provide wearers with more control over their ejaculation.

Wearing a shaft ring is simple, whether it is solid form, jelly or two piece. After taking the cock ring out of its packaging, make sure you wash it before use with warm water and mild soap or toy cleaner. Placing some lube on the shaft will help the process along, but if you do not want to use lube, simply slide the ring onto your penis while it is flaccid.
Solid form rings and jelly rings are different, and jelly rings require you to get the ring over the head of your penis then roll it down to the base. If you are using a jelly ring, you may choose to stretch it out over a shampoo bottle or similar bottle ahead of time. Regardless of your ring type, be sure to push it all the way back against your pubic bone to maximize its benefits. When you are finished, slip the dick ring off, clean it and put it away.

Putting On A CockRing

Putting on a HARDWEAR ICE Cock Ring (or other closed solid cock ring)

There are many solid form cock rings out there, and they are growing in popularity because their benefits far outweigh those of traditional jelly cock rings and leather cock straps. Solid form rings constrict the veins exponentially better than soft rings, so if you are looking to be HARD you need a hard ring… and no ring does hard erections better than Hardwear. Hardwear’s solid form cock ring, HARDWEAR ICE allows blood to pump into your erection and prevents it from escaping out through venous leaks, which means larger and harder erections for the wearer. Unlike jelly rings, however, solid form cock rings are not morphic and do not stretch so users must figure out their size before ordering the ring.

After you have sized yourself, or your partner, and determined what size ring you need to order, the rest is simple. When you are ready to test it out, take out your cock ring and some lube for ease of use. Place your scrotum into the unit first, either one or both balls at the same time depending on your size and the size of the ring, then slide your penis through the ring. Use a little lube on your cock, not the ring, to make slipping it into the ring friction-free. Pull the ring back against your pubic bone as far as it will go, and you are ready to start utilizing the benefits of harder, stronger erections.

Solid form ring removal is simple with HARDWEAR ICE; all you have to do is reverse the steps of putting it on. First, turn the ring sideways so that blood flow may exit the penis. Once your erection has gone down, pull your penis out of the ring then slide your scrotum out. Only the unique HARDWEAR shape allows a solid form cock ring to be so easily installed and removed from the penis, while the steps are the same for putting on any solid cockring, simplistic circular rings can not be rotated to release the erection and so can never be worn as intensely as a Hardwear cockring. Be sure to clean your ring after each use, with a Pyrex HARDWEAR ICE just a matter of rinsing it clean.



Putting on a HARDWEAR two piece horseshoe cockring (as a cock and balls ring)

Remove your HARDWEAR from its packaging. The black rubber rings on the horseshoe are spacers that can be used to adjust the fit of the ring; if you secure the clip below the last spacer, you will have the loosest fit, and if you interlock the clip above the first spacer, you will have the tightest fit.

Once you position your cock and balls inside the horseshoe, position the clip above the metal bearings, between the spacers according to your desired fit. Use the locking rubber ring to close the clip, and you are ready to begin using your HARDWEAR.
HARDWEAR can also be worn as a dick ring AKA shaft ring and also as a penis head ring. To remove your two piece cock ring, simply unfasten the rubber closure on the clip, slide it off and take off the horseshoe.

Revolutionary Cockring

Unique among cock rings on the market, the revolutionary HARDWEAR two piece cock ring is designed so that men of all sizes and dimensions can find the fit most comfortable for them. The two piece ring allows HARDWEAR to more effectively solve circulatory problems like venous leaks and vascular insufficiency, leading to bigger, harder erections as well as better control over ejaculation. The HARDWEAR liquid metal horseshoe and clip are the state of the art in mechanical male enhancers. Fashioned from a unique flexible metal alloy, HARDWEAR can be morphed (shape adjusted) to assume a perfect fit around a man’s penis and scrotum, which launches HARDWEAR well beyond the competition when it comes to fitting the widest variety of men.

For those familiar with one piece, or solid form, cock rings, using a two piece ring may seem complicated, but the truth is that the two piece ring is easier to use, Hardwear can be put on in under a minute once you have the hang of it. Because the can be adjusted, two piece cock rings are sure to appeal to men who find solid form rings difficult to use.